About Us

ProfitSourcery is a USA and UK Amazon product sourcing tool for people wanting to sell on Amazon. We’re a small team of mathematicians, coders and business people

We started by thinking about how to sell products on one of the big ecommerce sites. We didn’t really want to have to look after storage, picking or postage ourselves, so when we found the Amazon FBA service we were very impressed. It lets you send in stock to their warehouses, and they post it out when it’s sold to one of their shoppers.

Plus it’s easy to do; just add your products to existing listings which means you don’t have to take photos or upload descriptions. They even send a UPS van out to get your stock – and at cheap Amazon delivery rates, too. All those time consuming things done for you. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

Executive Team

Ed Brooks

Ed Brooks


Ed has worked in product innovation for some of the worlds’ biggest tech companies. His last company won “Startup of the Year” from ESTNET, the Electronic and Software Technologies Network for Wales. Ed’s also a big Border Collie fan, and enjoys heavy metal concerts when not working on ProfitSourcery.

Adrian Walker

Adrian Walker


Adrian built one of the first Internet risk management systems, still used by many major organisations. In 2012 recognising the increased problem of start ups finding finance, he developed one of the first FCA authorised and regulated crowd-funding platforms. Using these years of system and funding experience, Adrian and Ed have worked closely together to produce another U.K. first, ProfitSourcery.

Adrian Walker

Ryan Blakemore

Head of Technical Development

Ryan is the brains behind making the ProfitSourcery engine work and keeps it running smoothly. Coming from a diverse background of SEO, data analytics, and programming, Ryan joined us to head up the coding and software development of ProfitSourcery. When he’s not working on ProfitSourcery, you’re likely to find him playing video games online.

Ed Brooks

Mike Barbero

Data Analyst

Mike spends his days crunching through data to make sense of it all, and use it to help make ProfitSourcery even better. He’s a skilled business analyst with 5 years of experience developed in roles across insurance, procurement, civil service and an ambitious start-up consultancy. As a Welshman, it’s hardly surprising he’s a fan of rugby.

Adrian Walker

Lauren Carter

Purchasing Manager

Lauren originally joined us to help test out selling through ProfitSourcery, bringing with her 5 years of experience in sales. She’s now become an invaluable member of the team, as our resident Amazon expert. It’s Lauren’s experience that helped inform our user guides and ensure the product works for real world users.

Adrian Walker

Simon Martin

Communications Manager

Si’s a self-confessed geek; he loves analysing numbers and figuring out what they mean. He’s Ed’s right hand man and has a background of working in marketing and events, working with clients such as Virgin Media and UnLtd, as well as running his own social enterprise. He’s also a DJ and a drummer, so the office is never quiet when he’s around.