By Lauren Carter

Upcoming Changes to Amazon FBA Fees

Changes to FBA Fees


You should have received an email from Amazon in the last few days notifying you of the upcoming changes to FBA fees. These changes will be coming into effect on the 4th August 2015, these mainly affect those selling through the European Fulfilment Network (EFN).

1. Standardisation of size and weight tiers: Currently the size and weight tiers used to determine FBA fees are different across the different EU marketplaces which means if you sell a product on it could fall into a different price category to the one it would fit into if you sold it on Moving forward these tiers will be the same for all EU Amazon marketplaces so it will be easier for you to calculate your fees.

2. Consolidation of fees: When one of your FBA products sell you currently need to pay a fixed Pick & Pack fee as well as a Weight Handling fee. From the 4th August these will be combined to form one Fulfilment Fee. You can see these fees here.

3. Simplification of EFN fee: With the current EFN system you pay surcharges, or extra charges, depending upon the marketplace an item was sold through, the country it is stored in and its size tier. From the 4th of August these will no longer exist and there will be flat rate fees for each EU marketplace based on size tier.

4. Fee promotion for France, Italy and Spain: There will be a promotional reduction of fees for all products sold through, and which will last until the 4th August 2016 when it will be reviewed.

Additional FBA service fees such as storage, removals and packaging charges remain unchanged.


If you have any concerns or queries about these changes you can contact Seller Support through the link at the bottom of any page in Seller Central.