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Top Tips from a successful new user

Hi everyone… We’d like to share some top tips from one of our most successful sellers. Christine started with ProfitSourcery in December 2015, and managed to make 40% net profit, some £6000 in 3 months or so. Over to Christine… After trying to sell a load of DVD boxsets on eBay for several weeks without […]

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Commingling: What is it and Why Avoid it?

Fulfilment by Amazon allows you to ship your stock to the Amazon warehouses for storage and have Amazon’s staff ship your orders for you. These Amazon warehouses are HUGE and they store millions of products from thousands of different sellers. One product could have 5 or more different sellers all sending their stock to the […]

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Top tools for Amazon Sellers

If you’re thinking of selling on Amazon using their FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) program, there are a few essential tools you will need. Put these on your holiday wishlist to make sure you’re ready to get selling! 1. Laser Printer If you are selling though FBA you will need a good quality laser printer to […]

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Top Tips For Sourcing Stock on Black Friday

The holiday season is well underway and Black Friday is rapidly approaching. This is a great opportunity to grab some bargains, for Amazon sellers bargains mean only one thing and that’s profits! You can take advantage of the day by purchasing products at discounted prices to resell on Amazon. ProfitSourcery provides you with a daily […]

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What can you do if your seller account is suspended?

Amazon set very high standards for their marketplace sellers. Your performance is monitored against a range of customer metrics which you can read about here. If you are unable to meet these standards you run the risk of having your account suspended. A suspension can happen suddenly and it’s important you are prepared to deal […]

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Avoiding Negative Feedback & What To Do If You Get It

  In last week’s blog post we discussed the importance of getting seller feedback to ensure customers know they can trust you and increase your chances of winning the Buy Box. We mentioned that only 10-20% of customers on Amazon will leave seller feedback after making a purchase. This means getting feedback can seem like […]

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The Importance of Seller Feedback and How to Get It

  Whenever you buy something from a third party seller on Amazon you are given the opportunity to leave feedback on the seller. Anecdotally, only around 10 – 20% of customers actually do leave feedback. The reasons for this number being so low are debatable. Many sellers would argue that Amazon doesn’t push buyers to […]

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Why You Should Consider Offering Free Shipping

  Amazon encourages third party sellers to offer free shipping, for many merchant sellers this is a big consideration. You need to think about the impact on your margins and customer expectations. Anyone who has shopped online will know that free shipping is a very attractive offer, many of us resent having to pay “extra” […]

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ProfitSourcery is now available in the US

As of today, 5th October, ProfitSourcery is available in the USA. ProfitSourcery scans millions of retail products from thousands of online retailers and compares them to We then select products which meet our criteria on margin and sales rank, and display them to customers in their own unique browser based dashboard. Traditionally, those selling […]

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Preparing for Q4

Every year the holiday season seems to come around a little earlier. As an Amazon seller Q4 is the biggest money making period but you need to be ready to put in some extra work and prepare. As we approach Q4 you need to start thinking about your goals for the quarter and how you […]

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Amazon vs. eBay

Many people have experience selling on eBay, even if that experience is just getting rid of old textbooks or clothes. Selling on Amazon is a very different process and it’s worth taking some time to get to know Amazon as a marketplace before diving in, even if you are a very experienced eBay seller. In […]

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A Guide to CamelCamelCamel Part 2: Sales Rank Graphs

                  Last week we looked at how you can use the price history graphs at (CCC) to help you make more informed buying decisions when sourcing stock to sell on Amazon. This week we’re going to look at the other graph you can find on CCC; […]

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A Guide to CamelCamelCamel Part 1: Price History Graphs

ProfitSourcery shows you products you can buy from well-known online retailers to sell on Amazon with a margin of 30% or more based on the current Amazon Buy Box price. This tells you what the product is being sold for right now. We would recommend always doing your own research for every product you choose […]

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Using ProfitSourcery from outside the UK made simple

  ProfitSourcery matches products from UK based retailers to Amazon UK. Our software was designed with UK customers in mind but there’s nothing stopping overseas sellers from signing up and getting involved. Thanks to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) you can let Amazon take care of shipping your orders and your customer service but how do […]

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Using a Repricer to Boost your Sales

Amazon is a huge marketplace with a huge customer audience, the number of sellers and therefore the number of competitors you have is also constantly growing. When a customer looks at any listing on Amazon they can quickly see all the offered prices for the product and if your price is not competitive it will […]

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Amazon Promotions: Make them work for your business

  In Seller Central you may have spotted an option to “Manage Promotions”, if you haven’t used this feature it’s something worth considering. You can offer customers special deals for limited periods to increase your sales. This is a great way to quickly boost your customer metrics which will help you win the Buy Box […]

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Multi-Channel Selling: Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Whether you begin selling on Amazon, eBay or anywhere else online, at some point you may decide to expand your business to a second marketplace. This is a smart business move and can allow you to reach a much greater customer audience, increasing your sales and therefore your profits. Multi-channel selling has become the norm […]

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Amazon SEO [Infographic]

Getting your products to appear high in Amazon’s search results is a great way to boost your sales. If you have a great product which is just not shifting take a look at your listing and keywords to see what improvements you could make.  

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Top ten tips for providing world class customer service

When customers buy from you on Amazon they don’t necessarily distinguish between buying from you and buying directly from Amazon. It’s well known that Amazon has fantastic customer service which means the customer will be expecting the same from you. If you are using FBA then most of your customer queries will go through Amazon […]

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The Power of the Amazon Review

Whenever a customer purchases any product on Amazon they are invited to leave a review on the seller as well as the product itself although few take the time to do one let alone both of these. The product reviews are visible on every listing on Amazon and they can have a big impact on […]

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Packaging and labelling products for the Amazon warehouse

Using Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) takes most of the work out of your hands but you do need to spend some time making sure your stock is appropriately packaged and labelled before sending it on to the Amazon warehouse. With a little practice this task becomes second nature and you will learn to recognise what […]

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Upcoming Changes to Amazon FBA Fees

  You should have received an email from Amazon in the last few days notifying you of the upcoming changes to FBA fees. These changes will be coming into effect on the 4th August 2015, these mainly affect those selling through the European Fulfilment Network (EFN). 1. Standardisation of size and weight tiers: Currently the […]

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Winning the Buy Box [Infographic]

We have already discussed the importance of winning the Buy Box, if you missed our blog post you can find out more about the Buy Box here. There are several factors involved in winning the Buy Box. Have a look at our infographic for an overview.

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The benefits of using Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

Worldwide there are around two million third party sellers on Amazon. These sellers range from huge well-known brands right down to individual hobby sellers. With so much competition out there you need ensure you maintain a competitive edge. But how? The traditional way to stand out from the crowd would be to build up customer […]

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Understanding Sales Rank

A Google search for “Amazon Sales Rank” returns very little from Amazon itself. It’s not surprising that the algorithm for the Amazon Sales Rank (sometimes called Bestsellers Rank) is a well kept secret. This can, understandably, lead to a lot of confusion about what Sales Rank is, and how to use it to decide which products […]

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Competing against Amazon: David vs. Goliath

One of the most difficult aspects of selling on Amazon is the fact that you have to compete with Amazon itself. Amazon is an international giant and can source stock at extremely low prices in huge quantities. This makes Amazon a formidable competitor for a small business owner just getting started selling on the Amazon […]

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[Guest Blog:RepricerExpress] How Amazon sellers gain a competitive advantage with repricing software

Guest blog from Chris Dunne at RepricerExpress Price is so closely linked to volume of sales and product visibility on Amazon, that third-party sellers need to continually ensure their products are priced competitively to keep sales flowing—and if you have hundreds or thousands of products, doing this manually, isn’t viable. That’s where repricing software comes […]

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Selling on Amazon Isn’t Scary

One thing that we’ve found from talking to people about ProfitSourcery, is that a lot of people aren’t aware that you can sell on Amazon. But then when we told them about Amazon Marketplace, a few were still a little hesitant. We wanted to address a few common hang-ups, and let everyone know that selling […]

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Restricted Categories & How to get Approved for them

There’s no doubt that Amazon is rapidly becoming the go to place to source all sorts of products. With Amazon Marketplace, anyone can register to sell products through the e-commerce giant. Finding products that will sell quickly and for a decent margin can be a tricky first step (incidentally, ProfitSourcery can help you with that!) […]

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Keeping in the Green: Managing Your Amazon Customer Metrics

Amazon has grown into a hugely successful multinational company by always putting their customers first. For Amazon, making sure their customers are happy has always been, and remains its number one priority. This means that if you choose to sell on the Amazon Marketplace you will be expected to hold the same standards of customer […]

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Turn Your Online Business Idea Into a Reality

  You might have seen or read about people starting an online business or store, and been intrigued as to what it’s all about. Disturbingly, a lot of the information you’ll find online about running online stores can come across as: “QUIT YOUR DAY JOB! MAKE $$$!!” –  it’s often sensationalised and definitely looks too […]

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[Guest Blog: Parcelhub] Finding the Ideal Shipping Solution for Amazon Sellers

Amazon sellers in the UK are faced with a myriad of options when deciding the best way to transport their goods from their business premises to the customer. While many larger sellers rely on Amazon’s own fulfilment service (FBA, Fulfilment By Amazon), feedback from Amazon SellerCentral indicates that Amazon FBA can be cost effective for […]

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Selling on Amazon Made Simple

ProfitSourcery makes getting started selling on Amazon easier than ever and with our wealth of training guides you should be able to find answers to any questions you have. We understand that with so much information available you may not know where to start and you might not have time to read through all of […]

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The ProfitSourcery PR Release

  PRESS RELEASE 23 April 2015 NEW TECH COMPANY LAUNCHES AMAZON MARKET INTELLIGENCE TOOL THAT IS FIRST OF ITS KIND IN THE UK A new tech start-up that helps Amazon sellers find products that can make between 30 and 75 per cent profit after all fees launched in the UK today. ProfitSourcery, an online market […]

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The Amazon Marketplace in Numbers

It’s hardly surprising that Amazon Marketplace is one of the most rapidly growing online marketplace. Here’s a breakdown of some of the vital stats that show why you’ll want to start using Amazon as a sales channel. If you want to get started selling on Amazon, but you’re not sure how, ProfitSourcery can show you […]

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Top 5 Tips to Make Money on Amazon

  Selling on Amazon is an easy way to run an online business but that doesn’t mean it requires no work or effort. With more and more people selling on Amazon every year you need to stay one step ahead of the crowd to really make the most of it. Here are some tips to […]

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Getting Started With The Buy Box

The more you read about how to sell on Amazon, the more you’re going to come across the ‘Buy Box’, and all sorts of people telling you how important it is to your Amazon business. What is the Buy Box? Well, if you’ve ever bought from Amazon then you’ve already used the Buy Box. It’s […]

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Safely Sourcing Products

In 2014, 74% of adults in the UK bought goods online (that’s nearly 39 million online shoppers!). If you’re going to be selling items online, you’re probably going to find yourself sourcing stock and buying it online. There are a few pitfalls you’ll want to avoid when you’re sourcing products to sell on. We’ve compiled a […]

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Starting Your Own Amazon Business

Why Amazon? For those of us who haven’t been blessed with great technical skills or fantastic business ideas, e-commerce is an approachable, easy way of starting up an online business. Selling on Amazon has huge advantages; almost anyone can open an Amazon seller account and immediately have their products on offer to a huge audience, for […]

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Making Money by Selling Online

Starting an online business is growing in popularity, without the need to hire a shop or office space, the costs of getting started are virtually non-existent which means so are the risks. Internet businesses take many forms and your skills and strengths will play a big part in the route you choose to take and […]

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Why you’re going to want to use Amazon Marketplace

So you know you can sell your old stuff on eBay, but did you know you can sell old and new things on Amazon? Amazon has a huge online marketplace for people to sell through, which includes everyone from big businesses to individuals selling a few bits here and there. In the words of Notorious […]