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Top Tips from a successful new user

Hi everyone… We’d like to share some top tips from one of our most successful sellers. Christine started with ProfitSourcery in December 2015, and managed to make 40% net profit, some £6000 in 3 months or so. Over to Christine… After trying to sell a load of DVD boxsets on eBay for several weeks without […]

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Using ProfitSourcery from outside the UK made simple

  ProfitSourcery matches products from UK based retailers to Amazon UK. Our software was designed with UK customers in mind but there’s nothing stopping overseas sellers from signing up and getting involved. Thanks to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) you can let Amazon take care of shipping your orders and your customer service but how do […]

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Selling on Amazon Made Simple

ProfitSourcery makes getting started selling on Amazon easier than ever and with our wealth of training guides you should be able to find answers to any questions you have. We understand that with so much information available you may not know where to start and you might not have time to read through all of […]

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The ProfitSourcery PR Release

  PRESS RELEASE 23 April 2015 NEW TECH COMPANY LAUNCHES AMAZON MARKET INTELLIGENCE TOOL THAT IS FIRST OF ITS KIND IN THE UK A new tech start-up that helps Amazon sellers find products that can make between 30 and 75 per cent profit after all fees launched in the UK today. ProfitSourcery, an online market […]