By Si Martin

Can I send the products straight from the supplier to Amazon, for the FBA service?

If you’re using Amazon’s FBA service, then you’ll still need to have the products sent to you first, so you can add labels, check the packaging, and keep track of stock before sending on to Amazon to store in their warehouse. Amazon also only tell you which warehouse to send your stock to once you’ve uploaded all your inventory, and there’s no guarantee it will be the closest fulfilment centre to you, or even the same one each time. For more information on creating FBA shipments, see here.


If you don’t want to handle the packaging and stickering yourself there are services such as FBA Prep UK  who will do this on your behalf. You can buy your stock, have it shipped to the Prep company and they will send it on to the warehouse for you. This does obviously involve additional costs and you will need to look at your margins and determine whether it is worth the costs.

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