By Lauren Carter

Can I upload products to my seller account and then go out to purchase the stock when I make a sale?

In short, no. ProfitSourcery would very strongly advise against doing this, it is an extremely risky practice and while you might have some success initially, if you are lucky, it is certainly not the way to build a business and will often backfire on you.

The opportunities we show you are based on the buy and sell price at the time it is sourced. Retailers change their prices frequently and often if something is a particularly good deal it is likely to go out of stock quickly.

If you make a sale and are then unable to source the product because the price has risen or it is completely sold out you will have to cancel the order through your Amazon account. Cancelling an order is extremely damaging to your metrics and if your cancellation rate reaches 2.5% or more of your orders you will find your Amazon account under review and you are likely to be suspended or even have your account banned.

If you are just starting out 2.5% of your orders is probably not a huge number. In addition you only have two days to ship an order once it has been received. If you cannot get to the shop in time for any reason you will end up having a late dispatch which also puts your account at risk.

In summary this might seem like a good idea but in reality it is likely your account will suffer and you won’t have a business after a while.

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