By Ed

How do I read the new Keepa graphs on the dashboard?

Here is a quick introduction to everything you need to know about the new Keepa graphs on your dashboard.





As you can see from the example above there are four lines on the chart indicating Amazon’s price (if they stock the item), the new marketplace price, the used marketplace price and sales rank. Keepa began tracking sales rank in early 2015 so the data is limited in how far back you can go for information however it is useful to have a quick overview you can check within the Amazon webpage to help you decide if the product is worth further checks.

The sales rank is indicated on the left of the graph, in this case, with #0 at the bottom. Note that the sales rank is displayed “upside down” when compared to the way CCC displays the data. This can be confusing so make sure you take your time reading the graphs to ensure you understand the information.

Keepa is particularly useful for analysing products Amazon stock. Many sellers try to avoid products which Amazon sell themselves as it can be difficult to win the Buy Box but Keepa can help you spot items where Amazon frequently find themselves out of stock, this is indicated by breaks in the orange line. If you see consistent breaks it indicates Amazon do not frequently stock the item.

(See here for more information on using Keepa data to your advantage when sourcing your products.)

Lastly, you can get Keepa’s browser add-on which will display price history charts embedded within the Amazon listing (see below) here.

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