By Si Martin

How much time will I need to commit to running my Amazon store?

There is no definitive answer to how much time you’ll need to invest into your business, however there are two key factors that affect the time and effort it takes to run your store:

  1. How many products you’re currently selling.
  2. How you decide to fulfil your Amazon orders.

When you first start running your Amazon store, unless you invest in a large amount of stock, your store should be less time-intensive to run. You’ll have fewer products to store, pack and ship to customers. In the early stage of running your store you may feel that you have enough time to fulfil all your orders (merchant fulfilment). Merchant fulfilment will involve storing, packing and then shipping your products. This can be a time-expensive process when you include travelling to the post office.

Once you’ve reached a point where merchant fulfilment is too time-consuming for you, either because you’re selling too much stock to manage or you don’t have enough spare time, it’s time to consider your ‘fulfilment method’.

Another way to fulfil your orders is by using Amazon’s FBA service. This service is perfect if you want to save time while still managing your Amazon store. Amazon will store, pack and ship your products while handling the customer service. This allows you to drastically cut the time you invest into running your store. However you still have to create shipments with all your products to send to Amazon, so the more stock you purchase the more shipments you have to create.

For each shipment you create you’re looking roughly half an hour of work (if you apply stickers to all your products, which we highly recommend). Once you become familiar with creating shipments this process will take much less time, as you become more efficient. Once your shipment is created you can then get UPS to collect your shipments directly from you.

We highly recommend using Amazon’s FBA service to help run your Amazon store. Letting Amazon take care of packing and posting out orders as they come in can save you a huge amount of time.

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