By Si Martin

I’ve found a product I want to buy but it’s out of stock, what should I do?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of buying from retailers, products can sell out. We can only point you towards the retailers with the best deals, which means stock levels are completely out of our control.

What this does mean is that if you want to get the most out of ProfitSourcery you should act fast when you find an opportunity in your product list. Don’t wait for a later time to purchase your stock, buy stock as soon as you see a good opportunity if you want to reduce the likelihood of a product being sold out.

If a product is out of stock though, and it looks like a truly golden opportunity, it’s worth doing some extra research and seeing where else you could source it from.

Though we understand the disappointment of a sold out product, we’ll still be providing updated product lists every day. So if you couldn’t quite get the item you wanted, there will always be plenty of new opportunities around the corner.

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