By Si Martin

What is the Buy Box, why is it such a big deal and how do I win it?

The Buy Box is where a customer begins the buying process for an item. Clicking the Buy Box adds the product to their basket, so if you’re the seller with the Buy Box, you’re the one getting the money for that completed sale. When multiple sellers are selling the same product in the same condition, sellers can compete for the Buy Box.

There’s no clear way to win the Buy Box, factors that will affect your chances of winning it include:

  • Price (including delivery)
  • Having a Professional seller account
  • Being ‘Buy Box eligible’
  • Availability – having the product in stock
  • Fulfilment – are you posting out the order, or is Amazon?
  • Previous customer feedback
  • Excellent customer metrics

Amazon are (quite rightly) hugely customer focused. Providing a better customer experience will increase your chances of winning the Buy Box.

To read more about the Buy Box, see here. For more information on how to win it to generate more sales, read our topic here.

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