By Lauren Carter

ProfitSourcery now offering ‘Top 1% Sales Rank’ exclusively and a lower monthly fee is an online arbitrage tool that scans millions of retail products each month to find those that can be profitably resold on Amazon.

Since we launched in April we’ve received lots of interest from the Amazon seller community and we really appreciate everyone who has taken the time to test our software and give us feedback on their experiences.

Based on this customer feedback we’re making some changes to our plans to make them more profitable for our users.

New Plans

*1 Indicated markup does not include your shipping costs from the supplier to your premises/home. Our customers usually benefit from free or reduced shipping thanks to their purchasing multiple items from retail stores to resell on Amazon. We also do not include the cost of shipping onto the Amazon warehouse; unfortunately Amazon doesn’t give us the tools to calculate this, but this is reasonably inexpensive. To give you an idea we were able to ship 11kg of products to the Amazon warehouse for £4.20.
*2 Average markup is calculated based on the analysis of over 1 million product records from the ProfitSourcery database and does not include shipping to the customer premises or onto Amazon FBA (for an idea of costs, see *1 above)



As of the 30th June, the ProfitSourcery Merchant Plan will be upgraded to a new Plan called Accelerator Plus’.  Customers on this new plan will still see 10 fresh products every day… but now these products will all be in the top 1% of bestselling products in each category.

This is a significant change from our previous plan and this will help you buy with more confidence and make more profits. This plan will now cost just £65 per month.

The ProfitSourcery Starter Plan is being deleted and replaced by the Launch plan, these customers will now see 5 product opportunities per day and all of these products will be in the top 2-6% of bestselling products in each category.

On top of this all products will have a minimum R.O.I. of 30%. This new plan will cost £25 per month (current subscribers to the Starter plan will be moved onto the Launch plan but still charged at their existing rate). This new plan will allow beginners to get their business off the ground a lot more easily and with more confidence.

Additionally we are introducing a mid-range Accelerator plan, this plan is identical to the top ‘Accelerator Plus’ plan but customers will only receive 5 new product opportunities daily for a monthly cost of £45.

The mark-ups indicated include Fulfilment By Amazon as well as Seller Fees. Shipping from the retailer to customer premises is not included (quite often you will get discounted/ free shipping for multiple reseller type orders). We also do not include the cost of shipping onto the Amazon warehouse; unfortunately Amazon doesn’t give us the tools to calculate this and it will vary depending on a number of factors. You will also need to consider your packaging costs and any other expenses


If you previously signed up for a 7 day trial for ProfitSourcery and wish to try again now these changes are in place please email us to activate your new free trial. We thank you for all your feedback and aim to continue to improve our service to provide the very best customer experience.