By Lauren Carter

Using ProfitSourcery from outside the UK made simple


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ProfitSourcery matches products from UK based retailers to Amazon UK. Our software was designed with UK customers in mind but there’s nothing stopping overseas sellers from signing up and getting involved. Thanks to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) you can let Amazon take care of shipping your orders and your customer service but how do you handle the logistics of making sure the warehouse receives your goods correctly? It can also be a headache working out currency conversions, opening foreign bank accounts and making sure you are getting the maximum amount of profit back to your home bank account. Now thanks to our partnership with World First and FBA Prep UK it’s easy to get started and find all the advice you need.

ProfitSourcery can show you products in the top 1% of fastest sellers on the Amazon UK marketplace and show you where you can buy them from trusted UK retailers to resell at a profit. We deliver new opportunities to your dashboard every day so you don’t need to spend days understanding a new unfamiliar marketplace, all that’s left for you to do is analyse the products we show you and decide which ones you want to sell.

Amazon’s FBA programme means you can send your products to one of Amazon’s UK warehouses for storage and let Amazon handle the shipping of your products. It’s about as hands off as you can get! You do need to do is make sure your stock is in good condition and is as you expected it to be. You also need to make sure it’s packaged to Amazon’s specifications before they will accept it in the warehouse. Getting the products from the UK retailer to wherever you are based just to send them back again is going to be an expensive job and will quickly eat into your profits. This is where FBA Prep UK can help.

You order your products from the retailer we link to and have them delivered directly to FBA Prep UK to be checked and prepared correctly to Amazon’s specifications. They will then forward your products to the Fulfilment by Amazon warehouse for you and you can relax and let Amazon’s warehouse staff handle your orders and customer service.

Once you start making sales you will need to transfer your profits from Amazon back to your local currency and into your bank account. World First can help you do this at a great exchange rate which will save you a few percent of your profits.

Commenting on the benefits of the partnership, Mark Bond, e-commerce expert at World First, said; “We’re committed to helping online sellers globally find better and more efficient ways of operating and it’s great to find two partners that share that objective. For international etailers, selling into the UK brings huge opportunities but no shortage of headaches too. Our friends at ProfitSourcery and FBA Prep UK can help our clients find peace of mind that they’re stocking the right inventory and that it’s in good condition and correctly prepared before warehousing.”

If you are looking to start selling through Amazon UK from overseas get in touch with World First to find out more about how they can help you with the financial process plus once you become a World First customer you can receive a £20 account credit from FBA Prep UK when you sign up to their service. For all existing World First clients we are offering an exclusive free month of ProfitSourcery. There’s no better time to start selling on

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