By Ben Miles

Product Repricers

Repricers help you competitively set the pricing on your Amazon listings in order to help you win the Buy Box. Repricing software is optional for Amazon sellers but as your inventory increases you will begin to find it impossible to check the prices for all of your listings manually. Repricing software which automates this process is far more efficient and much cheaper than hiring somebody to help you out.

There are a number of repricers available which suit different budgets and different requirements so check features of each to decide which suits you best.




RepricerExpress is a super-fast, cost-effective Amazon and Play auto repricing tool designed to help merchants increase their online sales through competitive pricing across all their channels and listings.

Sellers can freely customise pricing strategies with basic and advanced rules, set min and max prices to protect margins, bulk import and export filtered searches or templates to apply changes to pricing in a snap.

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AppeagleApp Eagle

One repricer we’ve tried and tested ourselves is Appeagle. Appeagle is a browser based programme with a monthly fee. You are able to connect your Amazon account (as well as eBay and Rakuten), import your listings and set rules for each listing. Appeagle then checks your prices against the competition either once an hour or constantly depending on your package. You can set minimum and maximum prices you are willing to sell each product for and Appeagle will work to make sure your price is constantly competitive meaning you win more Buy Boxes and make more sales.

*We currently have a promotional deal with Appeagle. If you sign up to Appeagle then get in touch via the Support tickets and we’ll send you a 50% discount code for the first month of using their repricer.


(If you would like to see more repricing software alternatives, see Tamebay’s guide on multi-channel software here. The guide provides a comprehensive list of multi-channel software including repricing tools.)

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